60 Days

In 2019, I was chosen to participate in a 60 day programme of dance improvisation for performance, with David Zambrano, at TicTac Art Centre in Brussels. This was an exciting opportunity to train intensively with a monumental figure in the international dance community, a context to study his work closely, passionately and for an extensive amount of time.

Participants were selected from around the world and I was privileged to be chosen for this opportunity. Over the 60 days we dove into an intensive learning experience to achieve a deep knowledge in the practice of dance improvisation.

This project was made possible with funding from Creative Scotland

David led us through the 10 weeks with great integrity, his knowledge and experience within improvisation practice was totally exposed and shared with generosity. Together with the other 70 people, I went through a very profound and significant experience. The work we did each day allowed everybody to navigate along a complex and joyful path, it was a truly enriching life and artistic lesson that opened many possibilities for the future, introduced an extended amount of new information around the art of improvising and provided tools to implement in my own performance practice and for teaching instant composition.

Further to this, Tess was then selected for a two week project directed and guided by David. The show, AGE, was performed by 27 improvisers for four consecutive nights at TicTac Art Centre in December 2019.

All images by Arnaud Beelen Photography

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