In 2014, I participated in EX-IN, a 30 day intensive training opportunity with David Zambrano at Ponderosa Movement and Discovery, Germany. Along with 40 people chosen worldwide, I studied extensively the methods of Flying Low and Passing Through. This development was supported by Creative Scotland.

I have continued my training with David, having since participated in two further intensives, Passing Through Only 2017 in Sicily and EX-IN 2018 in Corfu. For the last 6 years I have been sharing these methods throughout Scotland and beyond, to professional, student and community dancers. 

In 2019, I was selected for 60 DAYS, a programme of dance Improvisation for Performance, with David Zambrano, at TicTac Arts Centre in Brussels. This was a life changing experience, joining over 70 dancers from around the world for David’s largest scale project to date. This development was supported by Creative Scotland.


Flying Low focuses on the dancers relationship with the floor and with each other. Utilising simple movement patterns, which explore the principles of cohesion and expansion, gathering and sending the whole body. We learn how to move in and out of the floor more efficiently by maintaining a centred state.

Passing Through is an instant compositional group dance where we have infinite possibilities of pathways. Working together we learn how to connect with the environment around us, not forgetting any part of it or anyone. Being open to any possibility and prepared for any situation that may take us into a new pathway, keeping the doors open for the unpredictable.

Improvisation for Performance explores solo, partner and group material for spontaneous performance. Creating a deep state of listening through the body, enabling clear choices to be made and dance material to arrive from an authentic state. I encourage participants to use their own life experiences, interests and culture to express themselves through movement.

Featured Image by Amy Sinead Photography 

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