How to Survive the Future

Good Afternoon. I’m afraid I have some bad news.

Please take a seat.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Blending bold imagery and dynamic movement, Tess Letham’s How to Survive the Future takes a journey through a collection of oddly humorous, tragic and alluring scenes derived from momentous life events. Expect a powerful, captivating and harrowing account of how to react when everything is crumbling around you.

The solo performer offers a distorted tale of human fragility and the anxious search for identity when faced with vast uncertainties in life. Alongside this, the desperate struggle to try to cling to some rationalisation through the profound death of a loved one, loss of major relationships, the wavering complexity of love and grave concern for what the future holds.

With unique theatrically, diverse movement skills and an entrancing performance quality, Tess leads you through an array of intriguing situations set to a distinctive soundtrack, seamlessly transforming herself through magnetic and vulnerable characters. Funny, heart wrenching and beautiful tender, this dance and physical theatre performance will leave you charmed and quietly optimistic for how we try to keep going when life falls apart.

Created and performed by Tess Letham

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Gary Platt, Edinburgh Guide ★★★★

“The dancer beautifully conveys the challenges of a simple existence which is sometimes derailed or damaged by events which are often beyond our control.

The piece asks questions which are not answered. It confronts us with simple everyday horrors. The choreography conveys the huge emotional burdens that we frequently carry – I loved it.”

Artistic Director, Choreographer and Founder of Alan Greig Dance Theatre, Alan Greig said:

“Tess has created a quirky, off beat solo, of strange characters in humorous and poignant situations. Fast paced and very watchable, this is a solo show not to be missed.”

Emily Christie, The Wee Review ★★★

 “As the character gains closure a full portrait of the struggle is revealed in dazzling detail.”

Featured Image by Abi Ponce Hardy

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