I am a VERSATILE and THOUGHTFUL performer, who is experienced in many forms of contemporary practice, through having the privilege of working with a range of INSPIRATIONAL choreographers, teachers and artists. I have trained in a variety of techniques and methods, which include PARTNERING , FLYING LOW and PASSING THROUGH, AERIAL HARNESS, PHYSICAL THEATRE, ACTING and IMPROVISATION for PERFORMANCE. I have PASSION and experience in performance that explores COMEDY and CHARACTERISATION – fusing theatre, dance and storytelling.

I work best when able to SHARE, feedback and develop ideas with others. The majority of the productions I have been employed for have involved a collaborative approach, where performers offer their individual skills within an INCLUSIVE and encouraging environment. I am an OPEN and enjoyable person to work with, fully offering my passion, experience, artistry and PLAYFULNESS to the creative process.

It is my motivation, in all aspects of my practice, for dance to CHALLENGE and invite empathetic response, utilising the experiences we have as HUMANS to create dance theatre that is VIBRANT, ENGAGING and UNDERSTOOD.

My ambition as a performer is to achieve WHOLEHEARTED presence on stage, using the experiences I have in my own life to UNEARTH the fullest EXPRESSION of myself.


Featured Image : Hidden Door Festival 2017


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