Remedy for Memory

Beautiful people…. Have you been seeking, dreaming? Of something more, something
less, something beyond?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Remedy for Memory is a divine feminine fantasy, a dance theatre experience that
transcends the boundaries of our reality. Broadcast LIVE from the abstracted realms of a TV
talk show, tune in as four women explore healing, cosmic wanderings, corporate
wellbeing, discovery and desire.

Surprising, enchanting, comedic and honest, we’ll take you through the highs and the
lows. Join us in the search for the remedy.

‘Gorgeous, high-energy, dreamy and cosmic, this fantastic dance show takes you through a complex and growing mound of existential dread as 4 women try to find a remedy. Plus, a banging soundtrack!’ Craig Mason

Remedy for Memory is a new mid-scale interdisciplinary dance theatre work that combines movement, storytelling and spoken word. Led by independent dance artist Tess Letham and produced by Stories Untold Productions, the show premiered in April 2022 at Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh, and was supported by Creative Scotland’s Open Fund, partnered by Assembly Roxy, Dance Base, The Work Room and Citymoves Dance Agency. The work was collaboratively made with an all female/non-binary team of creatives.

Produced by Stories Untold Productions

Direction and Concept : Tess Letham

Performance : Nerea Arruti Gurrutxaga, Tess Letham, Amy Robyn Lyster, Skye Reynolds

Sound Design : Dinah Mullen
Costume Design : Cleo Rose McCabe
Lighting Design : Michaella Fee
Videographer: A. Ponce Hardy (Aph)

Production Manager : Alma Sua Lindenhovius
Costume Assistant : Mayhem Spandex
Stage Management : Lucy May Wilson

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