Something Smashing!

Something SmashingAn evening that brings together musicians and dancers with an interest in improvisation within live performance. A platform for improvisers and the audience to practice, explore, play, share, laugh, cry and celebrate the unexpected!

Something Smashing was originally set up by Graeme Wilson and Alma Lindenhovius in 2017. I am now a co-organiser, along with Skye Reynolds and Graeme Wilson.

A group of well established and emerging contemporary dancers and innovative musicians from both Edinburgh and Glasgow take part in Something Smashing on a regular or occasional basis, coming from various movement/dance backgrounds and instruments ranging from electronics to voice to viola. The informality and intimacy of settings, and the energy and accomplishment of performers in seizing the moment-by moment uncertainty, have enthralled audiences to create considerable word of mouth buzz surrounding the evenings.

The events have acquired a dedicated and growing audience, and produce spontaneous work of startling diversity and high quality. Perhaps the greatest achievement has been the emergence among regular participants of new practice in steering and responding to each other’s discipline; the exhilarating sense of movement simultaneously shaping and shaped by sound.

Something Smashing was recently supported by The Work Room’s BEYOND

Photography by Lucas Kao, Chantal Guevara, Carlos Hernan Photography, Maria Falconer and Ken Drew 

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